Wednesday, July 13, 2011

It's Good When It's Good

     Oh Baby do I love me some hopper action.  We found ourselves at an undisclosed location Sunday in the middle of a full on feeding frenzy.  It was the trout vs. the grasshoppers and although there are more hoppers than trout, I would say the trout had the upper hand.  Of course we were also in the mix and managed to fool a fair number of trout ourselves. 
     Things were slow until about noon when the banks erupted with jumping fish.  The trout had laid in wait long enough and it was then that they started their attack.  It was all a person could do to stay focused on the hopper connected to their line while swirls and acrobatic fish threatened to pull their attention away.  I had forgotten the thrill of hopper fishing, especially as intense as this was. It seems I spend so much time fishing spots where this doesn't happen that I forget that sometimes fish are easy to catch when you're at the right place at the right time.      
     My dad, mom, Caitlin and myself virtually had this area to ourselves.  We joined up Bob from Sierra Anglers Fly Shop and his buddy and I can say that we all had a super good time.  I feel comfortable estimating our total caught and released for the day at around 100 fish.  So remember, when the hoppers are happening you better get out on the water. Until next time, see you on the hill.



  1. Great day of fishing. Fun, fun, fun!!!!
    Love the writing and the photos.